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Tim Ash’s 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Homepage

2. Ask for Less Info

You don’t actually need as much info about your visitors as you think you do.

If you’re using an online form for getting some info about your visitors (like an opt-in form, for example) then don’t be rude or greedy, ask only for the essential stuff you need to know to get started with a new customer.

Quite simply, your forms can’t be too big. The bigger the form the less people will fill it out.

For example, if you’re using an opt-in form just to place someone on your mailing list then you don’t need anything else than the person’s email address and name (if you want to refer to that person directly).

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that your situation is somehow different … it isn’t.

You really don’t need information like: the person’s actual address, city, country, state, daytime phone, alternative phone, and so on. If you need it at some point then ask for it later on, not during your first encounter with a new customer.

Asking for as little information as possible will always work. No matter what your niche is, what your product is, what your audience is.