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Tim Ash’s 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Homepage

1. Make Your Call to Action Clear

Trying to use too many different calls to action is an easy trap to fall into. You have your business, your website, your goals (many of them, probably), so you want to do everything at the same time, and end up placing multiple calls to action on a single page.

At first, this seems reasonable. What you might be thinking is that if you provide many different options then people will be more likely to select one. That they will surely find something they’re interested in. This isn’t the case.

The sad truth is that if you provide too many options and too many calls to action then people will end up doing nothing.

You can’t overload your homepage. Use only the most essential elements and nothing else. For example, if you want visitors to click your download link then make it the most visible element and give no other calls to action.

If you display multiple buttons like: download now, contact us, try now for free, subscribe to our newsletter … all at the same time then people will be too confused to do anything and will simply leave the page.

You need to make things as clear as possible. Be direct and ask your visitors to do just one single thing.