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Ladbrokes Mobile for Affiliates

Mobile sport betting is getting absolutely huge in the United Kingdom and operators like Ladbrokes are taking full advantage of the boom. Between rapidly rising profits in that sector worldwide, that’s hardly surprising news.

What is news is that Ladbrokes’ mobile suite has been seriously upgraded as part of the company’s big-picture revitalization (which includes a big-time partnership with Playtech). Ladbrokes also purchased Betdaq, a betting exchange community that’s very mobile-friendly.

That company-wide revitalization means that affiliate partners can look past the string of less-than-stellar news coming from the company and focus on something a little brighter.

For starters, Ladbrokes mobile supports a huge array of mobile handsets and operating that cover a huge range of demographic possibilities. Regardless of whether your target markets are using state-of-the-art Android handsets or are still rocking their old Nokias, Ladbrokes mobile can take their action.

Once they’ve downloaded the Ladbrokes mobile app, punters have quick access to tons of wagering markets and plenty of of in-lay wagering options. Ladbrokes also live streams horse racing throughout the day.

If you’re interested in promoting Ladbrokes mobile to your readers, you can sign up as an affiliate directly through the CAP network.

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