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Top Questions Asked by Poker Affiliates

Life as an affiliate can be very hectic, especially if you promote many different operators. You need to keep up with their promotions, your players, the affiliate reports, sending out emails to players, finding new ways of generating traffic, keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes, complaining to affiliate managers, and the list goes on.
On the other hand, working as an affiliate manager can be just as tough. You need to reply to queries, check reports, try to run a promotion (and then beg affiliates to promote it), dealing with the country managers, the creative team, affiliates trying to re-negotiate a better deal on Skype, preparing for an affiliate conference. The list is also never-ending.
So we can conclude that both successful affiliates and affiliate managers have a busy daily schedule. Which brings me onto today’s topic. What are the typical 5 questions poker affiliate managers receive?
Question 1. Has my player been tagged? …Followed by a list of player usernames…which would then need to be checked.
Gaming operators tackle the situation differently, I mean some have better internal database systems than others which allow them to re-tag players (if they qualify to be tagged), there and then. Others need to retain a list which they then send to their developer support to get the tagging done. Some simply don’t believe in re-tagging or if they do they may tamper with it as it suits them. This subject can get very messy though so best I give it the importance it needs in another article.
Here are the possible replies from affiliate managers, what they mean and what you can do.

Replies from AM’s What does it mean and what can you do
Yes, the player is correctly tagged to your account. Sit back and relax. The player is tagged to your account, as long as they are active you should receive commission from the date they are tagged onwards (some operators do it for the entire month).
Yes, the player is now tagged See above.
The player is already tagged to another affiliate Like it or not this player account is tagged to another affiliate. Affiliate re tagging is not allowed. However, crafty affiliates usually ask the player to sign up through a new account using their link. Most gaming operator software does not detect this.The problem is if the player wants to use the same bank card they used under their old account, they usually won’t be able to.The question is, is it fair for the other affiliate? Well, it depends on the relationship the affiliate had with the player. Have they fallen out? Why is the player looking to switch?
No the player cannot be re-tagged because the player is an old account which has been has been active in the past 3 months (can be a longer or shorter period, depends on the operator). Again, if the player is already active and playing it means they are happy on the site so why does the gaming operator need to re-tag an active player to an affiliate? This however can and should be discussed with the affiliate manager, if there is a particular reason for the player to be re-tagged to the affiliate account.