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Integrating Desktop & Mobile Marketing Strategies

Will the mobile web (m-web) replace traditional desktop browsing? Given the fact that m-web use is expected to surpass desktop use some time next year, that seems a certainty.

Until mobile actually uproots traditional web surfing entirely, SEOs and affiliates are faced with the challenge of integrating their mobile and desktop marketing challenges. Making these strategies work together isn’t all that tough, but it does require some long-term, strategic thinking.

Here are some basics you’ll want to know about integrating these two crucial segments.

Players Are Already Integrated

In his recent CAP Webinar, Creating a Mobile Strategy: Converting Mobile Users, Into Real Money Players, founder Henrik Mandal points out that mobile users and desktop users are the same people; they’re just accessing from different points.

That means that aiming your strategies at one market or the other is shooting yourself in the foot.

Separate Sites? Not Necessary

When it comes to actual site design, having separate mobile and desktop site isn’t necessarily the best move. In fact, Google’s own guidelines recommend a single site that can be rendered to fit mobile screens via CSS media inquiries.

Creating one site also has the advantage of doubling up on SEO benefits.

Looking to get started on mobile marketing? Check out Create Mobile Website Checklist.

Promoting Mobile Gaming

A big part of the mobile puzzle is making the transition between mobile and desktop as easy as easy as possible for your players. That’s why you need to be certain that the sites you’re promoting are doing the same thing.

Spend some time testing and reading the fine print to really understand how various casinos have integrated mobile into their own plans.

As Mandal points out, mobile players want to set up accounts and deposit funds from their phones, not from their PCs. Programs that refer players back to the desktop site for account setups should be avoided in you mobile plans.

Mobile, SEO & Content

Mobile SEO offers a chance for smaller sites to rank well in mobile friendly keywords that aren’t as competitive as their desktop counterparts. Adding a few mobile optimized landing pages onto your site is something that every gaming affiliate should be considering.

Just remember that mobile users have very different search habits than their desktop counterparts. They’re also looking for instant results, so make life as easy as possible for them.

Are you integrating mobile marketing strategies into your long range plans? Share your experiences in the comments section below.