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Is Google Labelling Smartphone Optimized Results?

(Screenshot via

Google has quietly started labeling smart phone optimized mobile search results with a small smart phone icon. The experiment was first discovered by a sharp-eyed blogger named Bryson Meunier on Sunday and has since been confirmed by Google.

This type of labeling, as Meunier points out, be a big incentive for webmasters to amp up their mobile SEO efforts.

Google Confirms

Meunier was searching for info about the new NBC show Revolution when he noticed the small smart phone icon next to the results. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to recreate his findings, so he put out word through his blog.

After some digging around, Barry Schwartz over at SEORountable was able to get a solid confirmation of Meunier’s find from a Google representative.

We’re experimenting with ways to optimize the mobile search experience, including helping users identify smart phone-optimized sites. We don’t have any more details to share at the moment, but thank you for checking in.

(By the way, by Google standards, that’s a tremendous amount of information.)

Schwartz points out that recreating Meunier’s results is a good way of checking to see if your smartphone optimized sites are optimized in Google’s eyes.

Mobile SEO for Affiliates

Affiliate partners should not take this story lightly. US smart phone penetration is right around 50% these days and that number is only going to get bigger. Internationally, smart phone use is through the roof, especially in places where it serves as an affordable option for land-based Internet access like Kenya.

If you’re still not convinced, go ahead and do a few searches for terms like mobile betting apps and see what comes up. Better yet, Google your competitor’s name alongside those terms and see where they’ve landed.

The fact that Google is willing to talk openly about this experiment is a significant development. Mobile SEO is here and it’s here to stay, so start adding it to your marketing plans today.

Are you adding mobile optimization to your SEO strategy? Tell us about your efforts in the comments section below this article.