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Brand Management Tools for Casino Affiliates

Before the Internet Age, brand management was a marketing field that didn’t seem all that relevant to smaller businesses, but that’s just not the case anymore.

Thanks to social media and a bevy of options for user-created content, a single bad review or negative posting can send your revenue into a tailspin. That’s why savvy web marketers and publishers are utilizing every tool they can to stay ahead of these brush fires before they turn into full-blown disasters.
A recent posting on blog posting titled, Brand Management – What Are People Are Saying About You?, super affiliate Zac Johnson outlined a list of tools affiliates can use to monitor their brands online. Here are a few of his top tips:

  •  Google Alerts – Allows you to set up keyword e-mail notifications that get triggered every time content with your name gets indexed.
  • UberSuggest – Picture Google’s auto-complete feature on steroids and you’ll get a good idea of what UberSuggest does. This is very useful for keyword-crazy SEO types.
  • Twitter Search – There’s hardly a social space that moves faster than Twitter, so staying on top of Tweets is critical. Johnson recommends regularly monitoring your brand via Twitter’s very robust search functionality.
  • Social Mention – This service picks up where Google Alerts leaves off by providing end-users with a ton of additional information including recommended keywords and other in-depth metrics.
  • Me on the Web – Tucked away deep in your Google Dashboard is the, “Me on the Web,” feature that allows you to set up alerts based on your own name. (No, we don’t understand how this is different from Google Alerts, either.)
  • Knowem – Owning your brand on social networks is a pretty big deal, but searching all of them is pretty tough. Knowen does an end run around this dilemma by searching over 5,000 social networks to find out if your profile name has already been taken and allows you to quickly snap it up whenever possible.
  • Trackur – If you’re really serious about tracking social media and social shares, Trackur is a premium service that’s worth looking into. The Trackur tool-set gives users the power to dig deep into social networks to extract high quality leads.

The tools Johnson mentioned are a big piece of the brand management puzzle. Tracking your brand, and actually following through with positive, measured responses is another story entirely.