How To Combat the Summer Slump

Traditionally, summer hasn’t been the best time to promote online gambling products. There’s the summer slump and we always need to find some creative ways to get around it. This year, however, is a bit different due to one particular event – the World Cup.

So here are some possibilities for beating the summer slump, plus how to capitalize on the World Cup.

Meet Users Where They Already Are

When it comes to targeting major events, one of the best places possible to do it is on social media. Whenever anything significant happens, people rush to Twitter or Facebook to voice their opinions.

So if you’re there, waiting with some World Cup related promotions (preferably in sports betting), people will notice.

Try releasing your promotions according to the World Cup schedule. Occasional betters don’t usually plan their strategy, they just bet on the day when their favorite team has a match.

Change Your Social Media Appearance

When was the last time your experimented with your background images, profile pictures, or cover images? Doing some tests like this might be a good idea for the summer.

However, not only change the images, but use the online real estate they provide to showcase an exclusive summer promotion or some other form of seasonal activity (also try using different links as your “website link” in the social media profile).

Try Finding New Partners

If the summer is slow for you then there’s a good possibility that other people in your niche are facing the same challenge.

Try reaching out to them and striking up a joint-promotion or any other form of cooperation.

It’s a lot easier to convince them to work with you during the slow months than during the peak of the year, when they have more than enough going on.

Renew Your Content

Go through your analytics script, find the best performing pages of content (or the under-performing ones) and revamp them.

Doing so, you’re not only showing Google that you still care for your past content, but you’re also making sure that whoever visits those old pages, still gets up-to-date information.

Now, apart from the content, also go through your affiliate links and check if they’re still operating properly.

The networks don’t always let you know about every change they make to their link structure, or even when they do, it’s easy to overlook an important email notification and lose profits due to invalid links.

The slow months of the summer are usually great to do this kind of checkups.