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How Many Employees Does a Casino Affiliate Need?

How many employees does a casino affiliate need to get started in the business? Will the top casino affiliate marketing programs work with solo operators? Or do they they only work established super affiliates who work on scale and out of traditional office setting?

The good news for anyone researching top casino affiliate with an eye on getting started in affiliate marketing is that both scenarios offer a pathway to success in the business.

On the smaller end of the casino affiliate marketing spectrum is the solo operator, the mom-and-pop-shop of the internet. These are folks who’ve, usually, taken an interest in casino gaming, online poker, or sports betting, and turned it into small business. Smaller operators work more like bloggers and rely on self-produced content, or content produced by freelancers, to entice players to their sites. This is a perfectly viable model for success in casino affiliate marketing.

Like most businesses, casino affiliate marketing works on economies of scale. That means that larger operations work with the top affiliate marketing programs to bring in large numbers of players. These arrangements are set up less like a side hustle and more like a mid-sized business. Super affiliates, as they’re know, are frequently people who started out as a small operator and worked their way up to a larger business one player at a time.

Whether you’re looking to go big, or are just looking for some extra income, chances are there’s a trustworthy casino affiliate marketing program that’s a good fit for your interests. You can compare programs at sites like, to find a top affiliate program that works for your needs. It takes time and plenty of hard work, but moving from a mom-and-pop operation to the heights of the super affiliate is entirely possible.