Hollywood Gives Back Affiliate Free Roll Series

Hollywood Affiliates invite you to our exclusive “Hollywood Gives Back, Affiliate Freeroll Series” with up to $5,000 in added cash, that’s yours for the winning! This incredible weekly freeroll has been crafted specially for you, our cherished partners, and will be taking place every Sunday at 14:30 ET – kicking off this weekend through June 29th.


Being our first Affiliate Freeroll Series, we wanted to do things Hollywood style! That’s why we’re going big, in true Hollywood fashion, and adding $1000 to the prize pool weekly!


This is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to all existing members for continued partnership with one of the fastest internationally growing programmes in the industry. If you're registering with us for the first time, this is a preview of what’s in store at Hollywood Affiliates. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Present and new members alike, we urge you to test drive our software and maybe win extra cash on top of your revenue!


For your convenience, tickets to this Hollywood Affiliates private event will be issued and ready for use in your account every Friday, prior to each week’s event. If you want to be added to the ticket distribution, please do not hesitate to simply mail manager@hollywoodaffiliates.com where we’ll look forward to hearing from you!


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