Hollywood Affiliates Banner Hosting Service

HollywoodAffiliates.com has incorporated an incredible banner hosting service that will expedite production at your end with ready-to-use HollywoodPoker Banners. We want to ensure that you, our cherished partners, have all you need when you need it.

These brand new banners incorporate HollywoodPoker’ s newly updated bonuses and promotions, and can be found in the Marketing Materials section of HollywoodAffiliates.com (http://www.hollywoodaffiliates.com/). They are available in a large selection of styles and sizes to best cater to your website's needs.
For your convenience, we have included multiple banner options for you to choose from inclusive of fully animated Auto-Updating and Random Banners plus Static Banners and of course HollywoodPoker Logos.


We pride ourselves in providing you with this service that allows for fast and easy ‘copy and paste’ of code, so you can add our banner to your site for immediate results. All banner options are available in five other languages: German, French, Swedish, Spanish and Finnish, so you can better cater to the global market!


You no longer have to worry about crafting promotional banners because HollywoodAffiliates has got you covered! Check out HollywoodPoker Banners here (https://www.hollywoodaffiliates.com/secure/banners.html)


If you're in need of a custom size or have an idea for something exclusive to the look and/or theme of your site, or if you'd like to request customization that has proven profitable, just mail manager@hollywoodaffiliates.com and we'll be happy to oblige!