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Google Completes Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Rollout

Google finished rolling out its new mobile search algorithm and, so far, its impact on the SEO world has been minimal at best.

In mobile search circles, the long-awaited algorithm update was viewed as a game-changing update on par with Panda and Penguin. Respected search engine media outlets, like Search Engine Land, had spent weeks hyping the event and had even dubbed it, Mobilegeddeon.

Now that the algo’s completely rolled out, those same publications are admitting that the projected chaos may have been much ado about nothing. In a posting earlier this week Barry Schwartz, one of the most respected SEO reporters in the business, said the worst of mobilegeddeon had probably already passed.

What it Means

Though Google’s mobile update didn’t ruin anybody’s day last week, that doesn’t mean it won’t have far-reaching impact on the industry. This algorithm was designed to improve the mobile search experience, and that’s something Google will be paying a lot of attention to in the near future.

Those publishers who are already mobile-friendly are building a major advantage over their competitors, and this update is going to boost that advantage even further. (It’s also worth noting that Google’s mobile update does not impact desktop search results in any way.)

In the same way that Panda represented a wake-up call for content creators, this update is a wake-up call for web publishers who either don’t have mobile sites, or don’t have quality mobile sites.

There’s a real opportunity here for casino affiliates to stake a claim in the mobile search rush and establish themselves as mobile entities worthy of Google’s attention.