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GambleAware Warns Pols Not to Delay Gambling Act Review

Will the long-awaited review of England’s Gambling Act ever get released to the public? Will the recent resignation of British PM Boris Johnson delay the white paper that’s certain to impact the gaming industry indefinitely? These are questions that the UK’s number one safe gambling advocate, GambleAware are demanding that UK politicians answer.

The organization is calling for politicians to not let political turmoil delay the release of the Gambling Act Review any longer than is necessary. In their view, any further delays only increase the number of UK residents who are impacted by problem gambling.

In a statement reported on by SBC News UK, Zoë Osmond, GambleAware CEO commented on the white paper’s delay saying, “As we await the publication of the White Paper, which is set to be the most comprehensive gambling review in 15 years, we sincerely hope the current political situation will not result in further delay.

“Millions of people are currently at risk of experiencing gambling harms across Great Britain and up to 7 percent of the population may be affected by the gambling behaviour of someone close to them.”

Osmond went on to point out that soaring inflation rates, among other factors, are increasing the risks for problem gamblers and that the reforms outlined in the white paper are needed as soon as possible. More specifically, she says that the paper’s new plan for funding problem gambling treatment is urgently needed.

The long-awaited review was set to be released this summer, but Johnson’s unexpected resignation has caused what government officials say will be a three month pause on legislation. So when the paper gets released is still anybody’s guess.