Europe Engulfed by Euro 2012 Fever

Greeks going ga-ga over Euro 2012

Across the Continent, Europeans of all stripes are putting drab economic news aside and focusing their attention on the ongoing Euro 2012 soccer championships.  Euro 2012 fever is reaching all parts of the globe and, as it rolls on, providing sports book affiliates with some great content development opportunities.

Remember, an event like this attracts plenty of casual fans who are going to want something a little lighter than your standard game previews. Here are a few of the lighter stories we’ve run across that can be developed into Euro 2012 features on your sites.

Good News for Greece

Perhaps the biggest feel-good story out of the tournament so far has been the success of the Greek national team. These plucky footballers are giving their countrymen a welcome blast of national pride pride during an otherwise bleak moment. Everyone loves an underdog and, after knocking off the Russians 1-0, these guys are heading to the quarterfinals. Don’t be surprised to see this story take off like the fabled 1980 Miracle on Ice.


Across the the world, expatriate communities are gathering in pubs and sports bars to cheer on their home countries. Thanks to time zone differences, some of these gatherings take place in the wee, small hours of the morning, but who doesn’t enjoy the occasional morning cider?

Other Euro 2012 expat parties, like this gathering of Swedes in the UK are more a melding of local traditions and a few touches of home. When you’re far from home, these kinds of events are a real treat.

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Germany Takes the Title

Germany will defeat the Netherlands 2-1 in the final match, taking home the Euro Cup for the fourth time. That’s according to a simulation run by EA Sports FIFA 12 video game.

If you’re wondering how accurate these simulations are, you might want to know that EA Sports correctly predicted Spain to win the 2010 World Cup and Chelsea to win the FA Cup. Since the Netherlands are out of the running now, this one could still be 50% right.


Every great sporting event includes plenty of upsets and this year’s Euro Cup is no exception. Here are some of the best underdog wins so far.

  • Greece beats Russia 2-1 – As mentioned, a potential feel-good story in the making.
  • Denmark upset Netherlands 1-0 – It’s the first time the Danes have knocked out the Dutch powerhouse in international play since 1967.
  • Czech Republic over Poland 1-0 – With a bit of luck, the plucky Czechs have become the powerhouse of Group A after knocking off the the host team. They’ve got a victory over the Greeks under their belts, too and are a force to be reckoned with.

From whatever angle you’re looking at from, Euro 2012 is providing great memories and conversion opportunities.

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