The 2012 UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championship  is one of those events that’s tailor-made for converting new players to online sports books. Just think about it for a moment; 16 national teams compete from June 8-July 1 in 31 matches. The winning team gets an automatic World Cup bid.

The stakes are high and interest in the event is huge across the European continent; and why wouldn’t it be?

Creating Euro 2012 Content

Sports book affiliates should find no shortage of content-worthy material from the match ups in the group play phase of this event. Every team is packed with all-stars and national rivalries can always be used to drive traffic.

Group play opens on June 9 with a match between Greece and (co-host) Poland in Warsaw.  The first round covers 20 games that are already scheduled. That means affiliates can start posting game previews and related content right away to start generating excitement.

Euro 2012 quarterfinals begin on June 21; the semis start on the 27th; and the final match is played on July 1. That’s a lot of soccer in a relatively short period of time and sportsbooks are anticipating plenty of action during the event.

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Utilizing Social Media

Soccer enthusiasts are extremely active on the web and can be easily reached through social media like Twitter. Europeans have happily embrace Twitter and, according a recent article from Edelman Digital, there are over 2 million Twitter accounts in Spain alone.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to build up Twitter followers from across the globe, hashtags like #euro2012 are already seeing plenty of action. Affiliates should also be able to generate traffic using hashtags of player names, too.

Looking Forward

Of course Euro 2012 is just one of many preliminaries leading up to next year’s World Cup in Brazil. That worldwide event draws millions of viewers, including a large number who don’t normally watch soccer.

Creating quality soccer content around Euro 2012 can help sports book affiliates build credibility with football fanatics that could pay off big next summer. Don’t be afraid to tout your site as the go-to spot for World Cup information and promotions alongside your Euro 2012 coverage.

Sports Book Promotions

Intertops Sportsbook – With teams from across the Continent competing for the Cup, this Euro-centric site is sure to be a very attractive bookmaker for punters. They’re currently offering new players a 25% bonus (up to $100). For Affiliate partners who sign up through CAP, Intertops offers a 40% revenue share for the first three months.

888 Affiliates – New players using 888′s mobile app can sign up to receive a free £5, no lose bet. Gaming affiliate sites that bring in five approved players in the frist 60 days are eligible for up to $500 in bonus money.

Interwetten Sportsbook – One of Interwetten’s more appealing features for promoting an event like this is that the site is available in eight different European languages. They’re currently offering up to a €100 bonus for new bettors.  Gaming affiliates can take advantage of a 50% revenue share for the first three months when they sign up through CAP.

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