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Do Your Readers Think Your Content is Boring?

Is the content on your gambling blogs boring?

While most casino affiliates would never intentionally publish boring content, many of them do exactly that on a daily basis. Even worse, most of them have no idea that the content they’re using to lure players in, is actually turning them away.

Fortunately, identifying this problem is relatively easy to access for anyone with a basic grasp of web analytics. In a recent article on his Quicksprout blog, content marketing guru Neil Patel identified a few ways to quickly find out if you’ve got a problem with boring.

High Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a statistic available from Google Analytics that identifies the percentage of site visitors who leave your site after viewing just one page. In short, Bounce tells you how many readers take one look at your site and head immediately for the door.

The Internet, and this will surprise no one, is a very fickle place so everyone can expect plenty of bounce from their sites no matter what kind of content they post. That said, content sites should expect a bounce of around 60%. Anything higher than that and it’s time to look in the mirror.

No Social Media Shares

Are your readers sharing your content? (For the sake of argument, we’ll just assume that you’ve installed social share buttons on your site.)

If you’ve got social share buttons but no social shares, you’ve got yourself a problem with boring content.

Of course your social shares will be relative to your overall traffic, but you should definitely be getting a few shares.


Boring content can’t be fixed overnight, but it’s a problem that can’t be fixed at all if you don’t know it’s happening.