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Mayweather-McGregor: A Promotional Guide for Casino Affiliates

Mayweather-McGregor is boxing’s biggest event in a long time, and it doesn’t even involve two boxers. But Saturday night’s weird grudge match between two, less-than-likable athletes, could also be a big opportunity for casino affiliates to snag a few fresh conversion.
Here’s everything you need to know about promoting a seriously weird sporting event.
There’s no two ways about it, the match up between boxing’s biggest star, Floyd Mayweather and MMA’s biggest star, Connor McGregor, is very much out of the ordinary. In fact, this event has played out more like a circus sideshow since the two men entered into a feud several years ago.
But sideshows can definitely be good for business. We all know that serious gamblers are steering clear of this event, but that’s probably not true for the newbies. They’re looking for a fun night and they’re most likely to place small wagers on McGregor, who’s currently posted as a +400 underdog.
These folks are also the folks who are interested in placing proposition bets, and this event has plenty of them. For that reason, casino affiliates should be pointing their content efforts towards prop bets like, “Will both fighters get knocked down?” – which pays out at +500 if they do.
As is always the case, casino affiliates should make registering and depositing with their preferred casinos as easy as possible for new players. Be sure and post plenty of content that guides your newest potential players through the registration process in as straightforward a manner as possible.
While boxing fans and sharp money are sitting Mayweather-McGregor out, the general public is piling on for a major freak show. So embrace this freak show and snag as many conversions from it as you possibly can.