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Did Panda 25 Roll Out This Weekend?

Did Matt Cutts keep his word and roll out a new Panda update this weekend? Google representatives aren’t talking, but some webmasters reported seeing signs of an update as early as Friday afternoon.

Because Google has implemented rolling updates, it could be some time before the full impact of the update (if indeed there was one) will be known.

Last week Cutts told attendees at the SMX Conference in San Jose to expect a Panda rollout sometime Friday or Monday. Though the announcement was incredibly detailed by Google standards, it was still very short on details regarding exactly this update might entail.

No More Update Confirmation

In a back-and-forth with SEO Roundtable, Google reps took their code of silence a step further by saying that they would no longer be confirming updates at all.

They also said the future updates would be rolled into the larger algorithm and would be tougher to detect.  (Though Cutts also said that a big Penguin update was in the works, too.)

Does this mean that future updates will lack the PageRank-tanking punch of the original Panda and Penguin? Will that big Penguin update Cutts spoke of be rolled out piecemeal?

The only thing we know for sure is that the next few months could be very interesting for SEOs.

Have you noticed any signs of a Panda Update? Share your observations in the comments section below.