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Content Marketing with SEOLinkVine

The last few Panda updates from the hive brain at Google have sent a clear message to the affiliate marketing world that content matters more than ever. Publishers who rarely considered the quality, or quantity, of their content are now scrambling to come with new articles and are looking to link building applications like SEOLinkvine to help them fill the gap.

Products like SEOLinkvine are very effective tools for webmasters who know not only know how to use them, but also what their limitations are.

How SEOLinkvine Works

Publishers who are still relying on low quality, mass produced, or scraped content are getting hit hard by the Panda in the form of significantly lower page rankings. That means they need to come up with a lot of quality content in a very short time and that’s where products like SEOLinkvine come into the picture.

SEOLinkvine links a large networks of publishers, and their content, into a distribution/syndication network. Publishers can both select content from the network to post on their sites, as well as provide it other similar sites. Anytime your article, and the keywords and links contained within, gets republished, you’ll likely see your page rankings creep up just a little bit.

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Quality Backlinks

Just as Google places a high value on quality content, the search engine giant is also taking the quality of backlinks into consideration. Linking up with low quality sites can do serious damage to your site’s overall ranking.

Think of Google spiders as a group of secret shoppers driving down the street your business is located on. If your store is located in a rough, crime ridden neighborhood, the spiders will just drive right past you.

Products like SEOLinkvine take this into consideration and attempt to keep the quality of their networks as high as possible. But even the best applications don’t always get it right and there are a few things you should be looking out for when using them.

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Follow No Follow

Unfortunately, some content marketing and backlinking programs do not exactly deliver on the promise of higher page ranking thank to the use of Follow/No Follow tags. Perhaps its a lack of confidence in the quality of the content they’re publishing, but many backling and syndication programs tag content with Follow/No Follow tags.

Follow/No Follow tags are instructions to search engine spiders to ignore that particular link when calculating a site’s overall page ranking. That’s great for sites that want a lot of content and don’t care much about what’s actually in that content. But for the author’s of that content, and the sites they represent, it’s a big problem.

Unless you’re interested in giving away content with no real benefit, this is not a good deal. If spiders aren’t following the links, there’s no value whatsoever to having it on another site.


Good content marketing and linkbuilding software like SEOLinkvine can help publishers increase page ranking and build a good reputation. But unless you understand how these applications work and the limits their designers put on them, you may not get the results you were seeking.

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