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Casino Processors & How To Use Them

Casino and sports betting affiliate partners are like any other business people, at the end of the day they just want to get paid.  But between the global nature of the business and an ever changing regulatory environment, getting at that money is harder than ever. That’s why affiliate publishers need to closely evaluate whether they should be working with a payment, or casino, processor.
Processor Basics
If you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, the concept of a processor may be a bit confusing. Processors are payment middle men who stand between players and casinos making sure everyone gets paid properly and on time.
It’s a simple concept but it’s created some pretty serious waves in the online gaming business. That’s because governments rarely prosecute gambling cases on the actual gambling, they prosecute payment processors.
Casino Processor Benefits
Generally speaking, working with a reputable processor (more about that in a bit) is a pretty safe bet. Not only does it free affiliates from tedious, and technically challenging, credit card processing and e-commerce functions, it also improves their overall reputation.
Savvy players know that not every processor is created equally and they definitely have their favorites. Sticking with a name brand, reliable processor can be a big factor in attracting and retaining players. Many players simply won’t play at sites that aren’t using their preferred processor.
The ease of payment offered by processors isn’t just attractive to customers, it’s attractive to online watchdog sites like Sports Book Review and Casino Meister who factor in payment processing in their casino and sports book reviews.
Find the Right Processor
Processors vary not only in the quality of their services and reputations, but in the actual services they offer affiliates. Web masters should consider their current players, and the players they’ll be marketing to in the future when selecting a processor.
Remember that not every processor can, or is willing to, work with players in every country. You may find that you wind up working with different processors on different sites, serving different markets.
Keep an Eye On the News
Gaming affiliates are always riding on the knife’s edge when it comes to legal issues. As we saw in 2011, a business that’s flying high one day could come crashing to earth the next. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has reversed course with regards to online poker, but made it clear that the Wire Act still applied to sports betting.
In these uncertain times, publishers should keep an eye on gaming news feeds and industry forums to be certain that their processors aren’t under investigation.
Details Matter
Online gaming has always had its share of hucksters and scam artists, so affiliates tend to read Terms and Conditions pretty closely. There’s plenty of devils in the details in these agreements and not knowing what you’re getting into can cost you big bucks.
The right processor can save affiliates a lot of time and hassles when it comes to collecting and receiving payments.
What are your thoughts on finding the right casino processor? Let us know in our General Discussion Forum.