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Get Your Casino Affiliate Site for the Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season has nearly arrived which can be one of the most bountiful times of the year for promoters of casino affiliate programs. If you want to make money with affiliate programs, taking advantage of the busy holiday season is imperative. Here are some tips that affiliates can use to prepare their sites for the busiest time of the year.

Find the Best Casino Affiliate Program
The holidays are not the time to be experimenting with which operators convert better than others. During one of the best seasons for casino conversions, you don’t want to drop the ball by wasting time on an operator that doesn’t convert!
In searching for the best casino affiliate program to promote for the holiday season, look for operators that meet the following criteria:

  • established, trusted industry brand
  • personal history of success with the operator
  • available promotional materials relevant to the holiday season

On that last note…
Seasonal Holiday Promotions
Prepare your sites for the busiest time of the year by targeting operators who will help you stay relevant by offering holiday promotions to your readers. Most casino operators understand the importance of capitalizing on the holiday season and design their promotions accordingly.
Bear in mind the value of using web analytics to understand traffic geography to your sites. Affiliates targeting the U.S. market can benefit from Thanksgiving promotions, but obviously those promotions won’t be very effective on readers from Europe. It’s a lesson in the importance of geo-targeting website traffic in order to deliver different promotions to readers from different parts of the world.
As a general rule, secular holiday promotions emphasizing the New Year and winter weather will be palatable for players from most anywhere in the world.
Holiday Conversion Tips
It’s early November, so now is a good time to get your holiday conversion strategy ready to go. More casino conversions take place over the holidays and into January than any other time of the year. This calls for an “all hands on deck” approach to making the most out of this time of the year.
Here are our conversion tips for the holiday season:
1. Work with affiliate managers to create holiday promotions relevant to your readers. You can give players incentive to start the year off right with a big New Years 2013 freeroll or bonus contingent upon making a deposit and playing a requisite amount before the year ends. Affiliate managers love affiliates ready to go the extra mile to set up these promotions.
2. Don’t neglect email marketing. During the busiest time of the year, reach players any way you can including through personal email marketing.
3. Change your site theme. Hiring a designer to add images of snowfall and New Years banners to your site’s logo and background can be a nice touch to retain visitor attention this holiday season.