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Seasonalities of Casino Players Worldwide

Creating conversions can definitely be a seasonal game. Just like planting vegetables, certain times of the year will result in higher yields than others.
Players gravitate towards casino games at different times of the year for different reasons. Here’s what you need to know about those patterns.
Dog Days of Summer
Any tenured casino affiliate has probably learned to stock-pile a little nest egg before the hot summer months roll around. This is because iGaming conversions tend to drop at points in the year when the weather is warm and inviting.
Think about the lifestyle of playing casino games online. It involves sitting indoors passing the time by placing recurring bets on a game with limited outcomes. That activity might jive with a chilly winter but not with a nice summer day.
There’s a reason Vegas hotels are cheaper in the summer and it’s not entirely because of the 100 degree desert heat; people would just rather be doing something other than sitting indoors gambling on casino games.
Utilize best converting affiliate programs in these summer months to keep revenues from dipping too much.
Holiday Hustle
The most bi-polar time of the year for creating casino conversions is right around the holidays. A strange thing happens at this time of the year. Web traffic and player conversions will plummet dramatically around Christmas only to bounce-back into the most profitable few weeks of the year.
Casino games become really popular worldwide in the span of time following Christmas and before New Years. There’s a fairly logical explanation for this. Many people are off work on these days and typically want to relax after the hubbub of the holidays at the end of a busy work year. However, it doesn’t take too much time spent sitting around idly before a little action starts to sound appealing. But with uninviting outdoor weather, what is one to do? Enter: casino games.
Affiliates can think of this window of time as their year-end bonus. It can be a good time to send out an email marketing newsletter to keep casino games on the mind of a rather bored populous.
Steady Start to Year
The first handful of months in any year are often a season of abundance for casino affiliates. Revenues in January through April can often be nearly twice what you can expect to generate come August.
Of course, your precise variation in earnings from month-to-month depend on plenty of factors within your control as well. You can miss out on lost winter opportunities if you drop the ball on energizing your players with exciting content and promotions. Conversely, the summer months don’t have to be as brutal to your income sheet if you grind a bit harder to keep conversions afloat.
Part of the coolest things about being an iGaming affiliate is that you get to control your own destiny to a certain extent. Seasonal fluctuations do not determine the totality of your fate.