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Get “Personal” in Your Email Marketing

Affiliates wondering how to do email marketing might be wise to try email marketing with a personal touch. No one enjoys feeling marketed to. As an iGaming affiliate, that’s why it’s your job to create an experience that makes your prospects feel like you’re speaking to their specific needs and offering them something that adds value to their lives through your email marketing.

Here are some email marketing tips for how to leverage personalization into more clicks and conversions:

Simple But Significant Impact

Adding a personalized touch to your email marketing campaign need not be complicated. Most third party email marketing software providers enable marketers to include their client’s name or screenname in the body as well as the subject line of an email.

Studies have shown that emails with a personalized subject line have a 5% higher open rate with a 17% higher click-through rate! It’s amazing what a big impact this one simple change can have for your business.

Try out some email marketing split testing of your own to see just how big of an impact personalized email campaigns have with your subscribers.

Taking It a Step Further

If you really want to tap into the power of personalized email campaigns, try creating multiple subscriber lists based on different visitor preferences.

With an email marketing software program like AWeber, you can create an endless number of different client lists enabling you to dispatch highly-targeted messages to just a few subscribers or a single broadcast to prospects from all of your email lists.

Collecting customer data using a more specific approach enables email marketing campaigns that speak to them on a more personal basis. Consider for instance some of the following ways you might distinguish between clients by segregating them onto different email lists:

  • players who sign-up in order to receive a piece of free premium content (e-Book, strategy guide, etc)
  • players who subscribe to a “news alert” email list
  • an exclusive promotion or bonus code email list
  • lists for players of a different native language (iGaming is a global business!)
  • a list exclusively for social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) followers

By grouping your players into more targeted email lists, there’s no limit to how much you can personalize your email campaigns to give your readers the exactly value they’re looking for.