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Cashier Pulls Off Colorado’s Largest-Ever Casino Heist

A Blackhawk, Colorado casino cashier quietly pulled off the largest casino heist in state history by simply throwing bundles of cash in a box and walking out the door. Sabrina Eddy, 44 is accused of pilfering $500,000 of the Monarch Casino’s money during her shift on March 12 and dropping the cash into her gold minivan over the course of her overnight shift.

According to a report on, Eddy skipped the theatrics and complexity of casino heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven and simply grabbed stacks of cash directly from the cashier’s cage and put them into a box of cleaning rags over the course of a single overnight shift. When her shift ended, she drove off into the history books as Colorado’s largest-ever casino thief.

Unlike Ocean’s Eleven, Eddy was immediately arrested. The hapless casino cashier told authorities that she had been texting with people she thought to be casino managers, who had asked her to take the money to a local hospital because it related to fouled-up UPS. Why casino managers would have a clerk drop off $500,000 in cash at a hospital remains unclear, and unlikely to have been part of any official casino procedure.

Ron Kammerzell, a former head of the Colorado Division of Gaming expressed surprise that such an incident could take place at all in the tightly regulated world of casino cash handling. “For something like that to happen, it would’ve had to defeat a number of different levels of casino controls within the property,” he said.

Eddy was charged with suspicion of theft and remains at the Gilpin County Jail while she waits for her day in court.