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Nevada Gaming Revenue Top $1B for 24th Straight Month

Nevada’s statewide gaming revenue for February 2023 clocked in $1.24 billion. That’s up 11 percent some February 2022 but, more importantly, it marks two straight years in which the state’s gaming revenue has topped the $1 billion mark. The Silver State’s casinos are absolutely on fire, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As is almost always the case, slot machines were the big money-maker for the state’s land-based casino industry. In February, the one-armed bandits pulled in $822.8 million. That further breaks down into $456.6 million from multi-denominational slots, and $265.4 million in penny slots.

Blackjack was the big winner in the table games category drawing in $114.6 million in revenue. Baccarat, a game that brings in plenty of high rollers, was the second-place table game with $102.5 million. As a whole, table games were up 18.8 percent over last February with a total of $414.5 million in revenue.

So how long can Nevada keep its hot streak going? When asked by the Las Vegas Review-Journal if $1 billion was going to be the new monthly normal for state gaming revenue, Michael Lawton, senior economic analyst for the Control Board replied, ““I think after 24 consecutive months you could safely say it is. Obviously there is a lot of economic uncertainty, however that uncertainty has not spilled over into the record gaming win amounts we have witnessed over the last two years.”

Lawton further points out that February’s big haul came during a period in which the state hosted relatively few big events. He also points out that the Lunar New Year, which is normally celebrated in February, and draws in big crowds, was actually celebrated in January this year.

Statewide, gaming revenues are up 14.4 percent across Nevada for the year so far, and up 22 percent in Las Vegas.