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Betting On the Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament is the Super Bowl of professional golf, but as a sports betting opportunity, it frequently gets shortchanged. That’s too bad because PGA golf tournaments are the perfect opportunity for grabbing players from some very desirable demographic groups.

Whale of a Demographic

If you’ve ever watched a PGA tournament broadcast you probably noticed the commercials lean heavily towards luxury automobiles and high end watches. That’s because golf viewers skew towards high end income brackets.

According to a report from the Golf Channel, the average golf viewer has a median household income of around $76,000 USD. The average American household is more like $46,000. If you’re interested in chasing free-spending whales, the Masters is a great place to spot them.

Old and Wise

When it comes to television broadcasts, the Masters does attract an older crowd. The average viewer kicking back to watch the action from Augusta is around 57 years old. In fact, 56 percent of all the people watching the Masters are over the age of 55.

When Tiger Woods is playing, as he is this year, that number goes down a bit, but not much. Only around 16 percent fall into the coveted 18-34 year old demographic. But who needs young people when you’ve got old guys. On the whole, the white haired folks watching the Masters are 138 percent more likely to be making million dollar business decisions than the average person.

Masters Betting Action

Ok, so now you’re convinced that the people watching the worth pursuing, but how exciting is golf wagering anyways? Turns out, the Masters is pretty exciting. Consider these facts:

  • Augusta is for underdogs – Four of the last five golfers to earn the coveted green jacket came into the event as triple-digit underdogs.
  • Prop betting is big – Over the last eight years there have been seven aces shot in the Masters, six of them on the 16th hole. Promoting those prop bets can be big business.
  • Go international – Players from around the world compete in the Masters and that means national pride is at stake. Play on that pride by marketing Masters betting to your international players and creating content based on them.

Get Golfing

There’s a whole week of golf action centered around the Masters, giving bettors, and affiliates, plenty of opportunities to cash in.

Are you planning any promotions around the Masters Golf Tournament? Share your ideas with the CAP community on our General Discussion Forum.