Tiger Woods is one of those crossover stars whose popularity transcends the sport of golf. Over the course of his career, he’s won 96 tournaments, including all of the majors. He won the Masters twice and was the youngest player ever to win the grand slam of golf.

Of course Woods is also known for one of the greatest downfalls in modern celebrity history. Last fall he added serial adulterer and bad driver to his list of accomplishment and things just haven’t been the same since.

You don’t get to Tiger’s level by being a quitter and his comeback is well under way. Golf’s greatest is still getting reacquainted with the links after his terrible couple of years, but he’s a competitor and counting him out completely is a very bad bet.

Tiger Comeback

For casual and serious golf fans Tiger Woods is an irresistible draw. That’s why sports book affiliates would be wise to tailor a fair amount of content around the Woods comeback. Information on the golf superstar is plentiful and can be framed from almost any direction you want to go. If you want hardcore golf content or lighthearted features, he’s a great source of material.

Golf Promotions

Sports books are always taking action on PGA events and running promotions that help draw in new players. Here are just a few that come from CAP approved affiliate programs.

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Do you think the Woods’ comeback can generate interest amongst new players? Let us know in our General Discussion Forum.

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