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SEO Issues That Can Affect Link Building Strategies

We all know that SEO has two main sides to it: black hat and white hat. What’s unfortunate is that even if you decide to take part only in the latter there’s no telling that Google won’t penalize you for some of your actions.

“Google penalizing for white hat.” This sounds like a new thing, right? You have to remember that black hat techniques are not really that different from white hat techniques. Essentially, black hat is mostly the same as white hat only done very excessively.

Like when you try to submit your site to 10,000 directories overnight, for example. In such a case, submitting to directories by itself is white hat, but doing it 10,000 in a day turns it into black hat. That’s why we’ve compiled this short list of three issues that can kill your link campaign if you’re not careful.

1. Using the Same Anchor Text at All Times

Google likes to believe that all links should be built naturally. And in this case “naturally” means that other people should decide to link to you by themselves. This is all nice, but it rarely happens for most pages and news stories. You can have much better results if you help your luck a bit, so to speak.

However, it’s quite easy to overdo it. Every SEO expert tells you that you need to use your desired keywords as anchor texts. On one side, this is true. You won’t build any significant rankings if you don’t use your keywords as anchor texts.

How To Interlink Your Website

But on the other hand, if you’re using the same anchor text over and over again without any variety then Google will catch up quickly, and stop paying as much attention to your links.

Using just one anchor text simply doesn’t look natural. If you need help with this, SEOmoz can help you with on-page recommendations. Learn more here.

2. Links From Only One Type of Sites

Link building consumes both your time and your budget. That’s why we always try to find the most cost effective and fastest method of link building possible. We usually start with one link building technique, try to master it, and then move to the next one. The approach is good but we have to be careful not to make our linking profile too uniform.

This all goes back to the idea of looking natural. If you’re building links on just one type of sites, like for example when you try to master article marketing by submitting 10 articles every day – Google will notice this very quickly. And if you’re not building other links from different sources then your efforts no longer look natural, and in the end, your link building efficiency drops significantly.

Always build links on different types of sites, using different techniques.

3. Links Pointing to the Same Subpage

This is the final problem and – again – it’s related to the idea of natural link building. Whenever people link to your site there’s very little chance that they will all link to the same subpage. The natural way is to have a big number of links pointing to your homepage and a smaller number of links pointing to various subpages within your site.

However, if you start doing really big link building to one of your subpages (like a landing page, for example) and neglecting other subpages then Google will notice that something is going on, and that one of your pages starts to receive unnatural number of links in comparison to all the other pages.

The final result is the same … your linking profile stops looking natural and your rankings stop to improve (or even drop).

What other issues have you stumbled upon in SEO that are similar to these? Feel free to comment.