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4 Fun Ways to Get User-Generated Content on Your Website

Get your users to create your content!

Are you tired of spending lots of time and money writing blog posts day in and day out to ensure you have fresh, quality content on your website? If so, it may be time to consider a user-generated content creation strategy.

Here are four fun ways to create user-generated quality content for your site:

Hold a Contest

It’s hard to put a price on quality content for your site. In the spirit of that, why not invest in a promotion with your readers for who can sustain the best blog on your site? A simple $500 giveaway could be sufficient for inducing several of your readers to engage with your site by publishing content. This method may also help identify writing talent from your community that you can commission in a continued role for creating unique content for your site.

Flatter Your Users

Who doesn’t like hearing that their perspective and writing ability is valued and interesting. Sometimes it can be possible to generate free quality content from your readers simply by reaching out and praising them for the value they bring to your site and asking if they would like to begin submitting regular articles. All you have to do is ask. Who knows? They might be happy for the opportunity to be a featured writer on your site and not require financial compensation.

Encourage Micro-Blogging Submissions

Are you daring enough to take a social media risk and give your users access to your site’s Twitter account? It may be risky but could be a great way to add some sizzle to your social media presence.

Give Users Access to Site Analytics

Data can be a great motivator. Consider sharing with your users writing content on your behalf the statistics behind their submissions. Seeing which posts and titles yield the highest visits and time on page can be an interesting way to challenge and motivate them to continue improving their quality content.