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C-Planet Troubles Reported

C-Planet affiliate partners are, once again, reporting difficulties both contacting, and receiving payments, from the rogue operator.
Posters on a number of affiliate forums, including CAP, are saying that links to the site are down and that the company website has been replaced by just a screenshot.
While company officials haven’t made any formal announcements about the situation, one affiliate reportedly received an e-mail from a C-Planet affiliate manager blaming the whole thing on rogue programmers:

The programmers we have been working with since C-Planet was founded have high jacked the software that we use. We are currently in negotiations with them and pursuing legal action. We have retrieved some information but as of now we do not have access to the back office so worst case scenario we lose everything, start over and rebuild stronger than ever or best case scenario we get all access to the back office and rebuild from a much stronger point.

Given the company’s less-than-stellar reputation, many forum posters were less-than-convinced by the rogue programmer story.
In recent months C-Planet has been accused of stealing players, withholding payments, and general predatory practices. Last July they were added to CAP’s list of Rogue Affiliate Programs.
Some posters speculated that this latest round of troubles could be the final hurrah for C-Planet, but only time will tell. Others, quite correctly, pointed to C-Planet as a teachable moment for anyone who doesn’t think researching programs before working with them is a good idea.
Have you been having troubles with C-Planet lately or had you washed your hands of them long ago? Share your experiences in the comments section below.