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20 Effective Ways to Earn Money Online Through Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Social Media

Driving depositors to online casinos is a great way to earn money but it’s not the only way affiliates can drive revenue. Take a look at these twenty tips for putting a little extra cash in your pocket and go out there and start earning.

  • Cut waste – Whether it’s an analytic tool you don’t really need or a magazine you subscribe to, but never actually read, cutting out waste puts real cash back in your pocket.
  • Focus your efforts on what’s working – Beginning affiliates frequently try to do too much, too soon. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple by just focusing on the areas where you’re actually making progress, and money.
  • Become an Amazon affiliate – Gambling book reviews, and their associated affiliate links, are a natural fit for sports betting and poker affiliates.
  • Sell e-books on Amazon (and other platforms) – e-Book authors can earn as much as 70% of the cover price of each e-book they sell on Amazon and other e-book platforms. That’s a great way to earn extra cash while promoting your brand and authority.
  • Sell e-books on your sites – Remove the middle man from the publishing equation and keep 100% of your e-book revenue for yourself. (And setting up e-commerce on WordPress sites is a breeze.)
  • Renegotiate your existing deals – If you’ve got enough traffic, some affiliate partners are open to negotiating new rev share deals.
  • Shop around – Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? Oftentimes, that’s exactly what’s happening. Shop around and you might find better affiliate deals.
  • Switch your revenue model – Revenue share plans are the most appealing to newbies but, more often than not, cost-per-acquisition (CPA) plans are better for new affiliates.
  • Narrow your niche – Focusing your content on a specific specialty such as cricket wagering or baccarat, can help your sites stand out and drive more revenue your way.
  • Accept advertising – Sports handicappers, e-book authors, and a host of other entrepreneurs are good potential advertisers for gambling sites.
  • Sell your excess domains – Everyone has more domain names than they’ll ever use. Auctioning off your excess can yield surprising results.
  • Sell your excess content – Affiliate forums like CAP and PAL are great places to pick up a few bucks selling content you don’t really need.
  • Outsource work – Time is money. If content creation and other tasks are eating up too much of your day, outsourcing may be the cheaper move.
  • Cut loose your freelancers – If you think you can do a better job than your freelancers, give it a shot.
  • Increase your quality – Increasing the quality of your content can drive traffic and boost your revenue stream.
  • Work more efficiently – Committing yourself to one or two time-saving techniques a month can seriously increase your productivity and put more cash in your pockets.
  • Branch out to new niches – Start courting new audiences with content aimed at niche markets such as Indian cricket fans or backgammon players.
  • Diversify your portfolio – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Take a look at other affiliate marketing options like binary options and FOREX to reach new audiences.
  • Teach a class – You have a skill and it’s one that free universities and community colleges will pay you to share. If you’re comfortable speaking in front of groups, a paid gig teaching affiliate marketing, SEO or WordPress could be a sweet deal.
  • Get a day job – Affiliate life isn’t easy and it’s frequently quite lonely. Getting a part-time job outside of the home office not only offers the comfort of a regular paycheck, it also combats the crippling isolation that can kill productivity.