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Promoting Cricket Betting

Sports betting affiliates who aren’t sure whether cricket betting is worth promoting should consider the following information.

Every week, over 160 million Indians watch Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches on broadcast television and many more pay to watch live cricket streams on YouTube. Last year, around a half a million Indian cricket fans piled into the Eden Gardens in Kolkata to watch the home town Knight Riders.

Cricket, and cricket wagering, are big business in throughout the British Commonwealth and are a great way for sports betting affiliates to crack new, international markets.

Where is Cricket Betting Popular?
Any country that was once part of the British Empire is likely to have a thriving market for cricket wagering, especially Australia, India and Pakistan.

While hard numbers on how much is bet each year are tough to come by, a look at some of the numbers surrounding various cricket betting scandals gives a good idea of what’s at stake. According a recent article in the UK Daily Mail, crooked cricket players can earn up to £750,000 to throw a single match. Clearly, this is a huge market.

The Big Leagues

Cricket is an international sport that ignites hot rivalries between opposing nations and plenty of wagering action. Matches between Pakistan and India, as well as England and Australia, are a field day for sportsbooks.

Affiliates looking to get their feet wet in the cricket world should probably stick to the IPL. The IPL is the NFL of the cricket world and plays a fast-paced format of the game known as Twenty20. And because almost 125 million Indians speak English, IPL content doesn’t usually have to be localized.

While India itself is still a developing country (only around 10% of Indians have Internet access) the Indian expat community is a great source of players. As many as 25 million Indians live outside of India and these folks are the perfect demographic for IPL betting promotions.

Cricket Betting Affiliates

bet365 – Besides offering a reliable 30% revenue share to affiliates and generous deposit bonuses for players, bet365 also accepts deposits in Indian Rupees. This is huge plus for anyone trying to convert Indians at home or abroad.

Affiliates United – William Hill offers a ton of great cricket wagering options, including in-play betting. Affiliates United starts partners off with a tiered 70%/50%/40% revenue share plan for their first three months, followed by a 25% share when the introductory period is done.

Have you had experience promoting cricket betting? Share your experiences in the comments section below.