Launches Player-Friendly Site is a new gaming site that’s aiming at providing slots players with the most advanced, and user-friendly, online gambling experience available.
That’s a pretty ambitious goal for a site that’s only been live since March but, given Casino Slots’ pedigree, it might not be so audacious after all. Casino Slots team effort from the founder of Latest Casino Bonuses and LCB’s marketing manager, Melanie.
Though Casino Slots is a separate entity from LCB, it will benefit from LCB’s massive slot bonus and data feed. Though a data boost from LCB would be a big boost for any site, Casino Slots is definitely setting out to build its own identity apart from its big brother.
On the back office side, Casino Slots is operating off of a custom built content management system that’s aimed squarely at serving slots players. Besides providing advanced, user-friendly navigation, Casino Slots’ back end is also designed to load fast on any device.
Smooth navigation and fast load times were two issues that Casino Slots founder Melanie insisted on making a priority saying:

“There are many slot sites out there but we sought to take advantage of the gap in the market where a
lot of the other slot sites out there are outdated, feature unfriendly navigation, lack imagination and are
not focused fully on the slots!” also distinguishes itself from other slots sites with a host of colorful characters that are intended to give the site a unique personality. The animated characters include an elephant, rabbit, panda, and snake, but the real star of the show is a dragon named, “Lucky.” Mel recently explained the idea behind Lucky and his friends saying:

We needed something that resonated with our visitors,
something that we could be remembered by. Dragons and the colour red represent good fortune and
luck in the Asian culture and we all know luck is what is needed when gambling online so we thought it
had a good fit.

Besides bright graphics, players can enjoy tons of free slot plays; in-depth reviews; and a rewards system that helps frequent contributors earn everything from more bonuses to free Skrill vouchers. is live and ready to guide players to their next big win.