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15 Marketing & Media Stats to Ponder for 2015

We all know the general idea of how important social media is in the business space these days. But it’s hard to comprehend the full scale of things until we have a look at the actual numbers.
So today, let’s take a look at 15 interesting pieces of marketing and social media stats – something for you to ponder for 2015.

1. 28 Percent of the Whole Global Population Is on Social Media
Just in case you were still wondering if social media is something worth your attention.
2. 77 Percent of All Social Media Users Now Access Social Media via Mobile
Desktop is pretty much on its way out at this point.
3. 46 Percent of the Total U.S. Population Uses Social Media Apps
The U.S. is not alone here. The numbers are just as huge in other countries.
4. The Population of Canada: 34,835,000. The Number of Internet Users: 33,000,000
Quite literally, if you’re not on the web, you don’t exist.
5. Three in Five SMBs Say They Have Gained New Customers via Social Media
When done correctly, social media brings worthwhile results regardless of your niche or market,
6. 71% of Internet Users Are More Likely to Purchase From a Brand They Are Following on Social Media
People are naturally suspicious if a brand they’re interested in can’t be found on social media … “what are they trying to hide?”
7. 61% of U.S. Consumers Have Made a Purchase Based on a Blog Post
Selling through content and various forms of content marketing have earned their place among other, more traditional approaches.
8. Every Month There Are More Than 10.3 Billion Google Searches
9. 60% of All Organic Clicks Go to the Top Three Results
Earning a high spot in the search results is crucial for good brand visibility, and especially being featured on spots 1-3.
10. 70% of Marketers Plan to Increase Their Social Media Advertising
Taking into account the stats already shared in this post – regarding how many people use social media on a daily basis – this one is no longer that surprising.
11. 68% of Marketers Have Integrated Mobile Into Their Larger Marketing Strategy
These days, some form of a mobile marketing approach is a must in the modern online marketing space.
12. 66% of Marketers Believe Social Media Is Core to Their Business
Functioning without a social media component becomes more and more difficult for brands that seem to have lost their connection with the present.
13. 60% of Global Mobile Consumers Use Their Mobile Device as Their Primary or Exclusive Internet Source
Mobile is now the standard for accessing the web. Like we said a minute ago, desktop is very much on its way out.
14. The Average Media Consumption for One Person Is Seven Hours, of Which 1.8 Hours Is Spent on a Mobile
Despite all the flat screen TVs and modern entertainment gizmos, people still want to spend time looking into their tiny mobile devices’ screens.
15. 76% of People Are More Likely to Read a Message Sooner if It’s an SMS/Text Message Than if It’s an Email
Email is still a great marketing channel, but direct and mobile-optimized methods are slowly taking its place.
How will you adjust your marketing strategy to take advantage of the things mentioned in these stats?
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