How many times in a day do you hear or see that word in relation to how you can use it to make more money? If you’re like any other affiliate scouring the web for new tools and resources, then you probably see the word Facebook all.the.time. and grapple with how you can effectively use it.

Unless you’re one of the rare affiliates that actually DOES use Facebook to generate profits, it’s time to call in some help and make some sense out of this whole Facebook mess.

Ever heard of WP4FB? No? Now you have. WP4FB is a WordPress plugin that can help you create a customizable Facebook fan page through a variety of features. Those features in WP4FB range from Viral Comments, where you can easily apply viral comments on your Facebook page, to FanGate, where your Facebook fans have special access to special offers and promos that Non-fans cannot see.

The best part is that this plugin is easy to manage, allows for a customizable design and runs through your existing WordPress platform.

Check out the above video for ways that you can use WP4FB to truly profit from Facebook, once and for all.

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