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FTP all-star, Chris Ferguson

The Full Tilt Poker Crew

When the poker craze was its it zenith, the men and women behind Full Tilt Poker were the undisputed kings and queens of the online gambling world. FTP was a moneymaking machine and everyone associated with it had the swagger of cowboy on payday. (Some of them even went a step further and actually wore cowboy hats on a regular basis.)

Of course we all know what happened when the Feds found out that FTP was playing fast and loose with player money.

The resulting investigation shut down the US-facing industry and put FTP’s exec’s and their associates in some serious legal problems.

Amazingly enough, almost none of the FTP crew has done any serious time and several of them were able to buy their way out the worst punishments – Ray Bitar, we’re looking at you.

If you’re looking for the FTP boys these days, you might spend some time hanging out around your local probation/parole office.

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