Did you know that Twitter has its own proprietary, and pretty robust, search engine? Chances are that even some pretty hardcore Twitter users have never used this powerful tool.

Twitter’s advanced search feature is a self-contained search engine that allows users to search recent Tweets using some pretty sweet search tools. It even makes it possible forĀ  for users to search Tweets based on their geographical location.

Is Twitter Search a Google killer in the making? Certainly not in its current form, but that doesn’t mean that its not a useful tool for affiliate marketing sites.

Before you can ever use Twitter advanced search, you’ve got find Twitter advanced search, and that’s surprisingly difficult.

Finding Twitter Search

Finding Twitter Advanced Search is pretty easy, but it’s definitely not intuitive. Start out boy putting any search you like in the Twitter Search bar. This will bring up all the recent Tweets that contain your search terms. (Don’t make the mistake we did by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the search field, that doesn’t work.)

Once you’ve hit got your search terms back, you can click on the settings button to get to the advanced search page. It’s hiding, but its’ definitely there. This where searching on Twitter becomes very useful.

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Using Twitter Search

Twitter advanced search allows users to narrow their searches to include only that include, or don’t include, keyword terms. That’s pretty standard stuff for any search engine, but this feature also lets limit your search by location, hash tag and user.This makes tracking competitors; finding mentions of your own brands; and even doing demographic studies a lot easier.

If you just want to keep things simple, this tool is a pretty sweet method for finding Twitter accounts in your industry to follow and, hopefully, to build up your own followers. You can even narrow your results to include only positive or negative Tweets.


Twitter search is not a good general purpose search engine, Google and Bing have got that area pretty well covered. That said, affiliate marketers who spend some time digging around the Twitter universe with this tool can definitely find some value here

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