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LCB has built a seriously recognizable online brand.

Developing a steady flow of traffic to your sites is a core affiliate marketing skill that most partners struggle with at some point or another. With around 50,000 registered members; half a million monthly visitors; and millions of page views every month,  is one site that’s got a good handle on this topic.

That’s pretty impressive for site that’s only been around since 2006.

Last year, LCB administrator Nik Zugic sat down with CAP to discuss how the global staff on this site built up their site into one of the top destinations for bonus hunters. Here’s a breakdown of how the LCB juggernaut came to be.

LCB Facts

LCB is an affiliate marketing machine that caters to players of all levels and income brackets. In terms of online gambling options, they offer almost everything a gambler can imagine. Currently, they’re serving up almost 600 casino reviews; 1,994 bonuses (almost a quarter of those are exclusives); tournaments; contests and 950 free casino.

Right now they’ve got around 20 employees who are constantly updating reviews and bonuses, as well as working on SEO issues. Zugic has had great success recruiting staff members from his legion of site visitors.

We had certain competitions for new moderators and stuff so people would apply and we would just do tests for a couple of weeks or a month and see if they perform or not.

So far that strategy has worked out well for LCB, most of their employees have been with the company for two or three years (which is an eternity in Internet time).

Read on for part 2 of the case study!

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