Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) is breaking new ground by offering an extensive member loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors and active forum users.

The new LCB Shop is modeled after traditional casino loyalty programs and pay out in a range of valuable premiums including LCB souvenirs (such as t-shirts and iPhone cases); free no deposit play at popular online poker rooms and casinos; vouchers; and plain old hard cash.

LCB’s new plan is built around earning chips for doing things like:
*Posting in forums
*Commenting on blog posts and reviews
*Referring friends to the site
*Reviewing and rating casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks
*Reviewing and rating free slots and casino games
*Reviewing and rating land-based casinos

As end-users build higher chip stacks, they also move up amongst ten membership tiers and qualify for higher chip multipliers. The higher your status level, the higher your multiplier. It’s that’s simple.

Loyalty program members will also be eligible for a monthly contests that award $500 worth LCB chips to qualifying participants.

Cashing out chips has also been made as simple as possible (which makes LCB’s loyalty program starkly different from, say, airline loyalty programs). End-users can readily access their chip totals on the header of their membership page at any time.

When they’re ready to grab their prizes, all they need to do is click is open the, “redeem credits,” menu and they’ll have instant access to the LCB Shop. From there, it’s simply a matter of finding the prizes they want and cashing in.

LCB management is excited for the opportunity to give something back to their most loyal users and have plans to expand the program over time. They’re also expecting other affiliate sites to follow their lead.

As of last year, LCB had more than 50,000 registered users. 500,000 monthly visitors and was racking up millions of monthly page views.

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