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Secrets of a Successful App Launch

The sole fact of having an app should help you expand your business, reach new audiences, or offer the same audience one more way to interact with your brand.

However, it’s always better to prepare a simple launch plan that will help you multiply your results and maybe even make the whole project profitable from day one.

1. Social Media

You most certainly have a social media presence set up for your main brand, but this might not be enough. The event of launching your app is something that allows you to set up completely separate profiles for the app.

The thing is that there will always be users who will resonate more with the app, but not as much with your brand as a whole.

Treat your new profiles like a blank slate. Build them up talking primarily about the app and not the other things you do. That way, you will attract a highly targeted audience that will be receptive to any piece of info related to the app.

2. Unique Content Marketing

Content marketing works best if it’s creative and presents a unique approach on the author’s part.

When promoting an app, you can compile roundup lists or infographics presenting the top X apps in your niche. Of course, you will showcase your app on the list too.

Doing so, you’re placing your creation among other, already recognizable products. Additionally, you can reach out to those other apps featured on the list and ask them to tweet it out / link to it.

3. Get Publicity

A lot of possibilities here, but let’s just focus on one concept.

Review sites.

There are a lot of review sites for mobile apps (both iOS and Android). What’s great about them is that for a small fee they are ready to review any app. As a result, the sole fact of having an app allows you to get links from sites that wouldn’t necessarily otherwise link to any gambling-related products.

Apart from getting links, which helps your SEO, you often get direct visitors who are likely to end up installing your app.

Getting Results Fast

Getting results fast is the best growth hack out there (at least for a new app).

In short, whatever app store you’re releasing your app to, will have its version of the “new and noteworthy” section. How those sections work is that they promote apps that get a strong start in the marketplace. So if you get enough initial traction, the app store itself will multiply it for you two- or three-fold.