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4 Deadly Mobile Conversion Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Taking care of conversion rate optimization on your site is probably the best investment you can make. After all, it’s this one action that can even double your profits without any additional spending on marketing.

That being said, working on mobile conversions is a lot different from seeking conversions on desktop. Here are the 4 most common deadly mistakes:

1. Trusting Responsive Design Too Much

Responsive design is an easy way out for site owners. Basically, responsive designs are meant to “respond” to whatever device the visitor is using and adapt the widths and sizes of the elements to reflect the available display area.

But this creates a lot of inconsistencies between what mobile visitors want to see vs. what you’re actually showing them.

What you should do instead is go through your site’s contents, pick the elements that are likely to be important to a mobile visitor and make sure that they’re displayed properly.

2. Not All Mobile Devices Are the Same

Android phones don’t perform exactly the same as iPhones or iPads. Basically, every device is different, and if you want to win the conversion optimization game for mobile, you need to segment ferociously.

Test everything. All combinations of devices, manufacturers, screens, and see what works where.

3. Focusing Only on Clicks to Offer

Mobile devices are still not that great when it comes to getting the final conversion – referral or sale. Even in 2014, people are still not very keen on inputting their credit card data on mobile.

What happens is that they often use mobile devices to browse around and get a general info on the offer, and then make the final conversion on desktop. Keep that in mind when managing your tracking and don’t overlook some devices purely because they don’t generate these conversions.

4. No Multi-Device Tracking

This is somewhat similar to the previous point, but it deserves to be emphasized more.

It’s not uncommon for people to own more than one mobile device. It’s also not uncommon to use more than one device at a time to research a single offer.

What this all comes down to is that you need to implement some form of multi-device tracking, or you won’t be able to find out what all the small steps are that lead to the final conversion.

The above mistakes can cost you a lot of potential profits, so it’s important to double check your site against all of them. Mobile works, but only if you understand the user’s intent and cater to it properly.