Troubled UK operator 666Bet and its parent company finally have some good news for their players; they can get their money back.

Earlier this week the company announced that players have until May 24 to submit a withdrawal request.

The announcement ends weeks of drama and speculation after the UK Gambling Commission pulled 666Bet’s license, due to allegations of financial misdoings on its executive staff.

Unfortunately for 666Bet, and its players, once the license was pulled, the company could no longer legally contact its customers. That left an information gap that left aggrieved players wondering whether they’d ever see their money again.

Fortunately, for the players anyways, the UKG stepped in and is now communicating with customers on behalf of the troubled operator.

Customers who were expecting a quick payout, however, should probably scale their expectations. In a statement to the press, Metroplay representatives said:

As we have only skeleton staff in place, we are unable to provide regular updates or to respond to individual customer queries at this time – all our efforts are focused on enabling and processing refund requests.

And what about customers who miss the May 24 deadline? A UKG spokesman says they’re out of luck:

We understand that Metro Play Limited are doing all they can to honour their debts, but once the deadline has passed customers will have the normal legal remedies for debt recovery in the courts, under the terms and conditions of their contract with the operator. The Commission does not in any way guarantee funds deposited by consumers or prizes due.

In short, affiliates with 666Bet players had better cash out while they still can.

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