Are You Ready to Spend Money on Facebook?

If you haven’t started social advertising yet, Facebook is a good place to begin. It’s very simple to use, but you do need to make an investment to make it work for you. So let me ask you, are you ready to spend money on Facebook?

Well, you’re not really spending on Facebook per se, you’re actually putting your money on Facebook ads that will (hopefully) work wonders for your affiliate site, if you know how to use it correctly.

So, here are the steps on how affiliates can drive traffic to their sites with Facebook ads:

1. Focus on the goal

Most often, brands and companies go to Facebook to seek customer engagement, which could be one of your goals. But as an affiliate marketer, you want your ads to direct Facebook traffic to your page or those of offers – that is your main goal.

2. Target your ads

It will be such a shame if you don’t familiarize yourself with Facebook ads. It’s like pay-per-click advertising, but more user-friendly.

With Facebook ads, you have to utilize its targeting capabilities wherein you specify the target audience. You will input information like location, age, gender, language and interest to ensure that your ad reaches the right people.

This saves you time and money promoting to people who aren’t interested at all.

Do note that if you have a low budget for Facebook ads, you should be more specific with the details. On the other hand, if you have a big budget, you can broaden the target a bit.

3. Decide on ad results

Another great thing with Facebook ads is that you get to choose the results you want. As an affiliate marketer, you are more likely going to benefit with “Click to Website” or “Website Conversion” as opposed to “Page Post Engagement” or “Page Likes.” Again, go back to your goal – bringing traffic to your affiliate site.

4. Make the right ads

Facebook will work its magic, but the power of making the right ads is up to you. Your copy and images should match. Pick a catchy headline and an attractive image, this is what immediately captures the attention of users.

5. Be consistent

Going to Facebook can’t just be about making ads and hoping that you get traffic from them. You also have to make sure that your Facebook page is consistent with your ads. Put out entertaining and engaging content, the kind that will make others believe in what you have to offer.

Building the right ad for your needs may take some experimenting. Observe the results of your ads, mix and match if you need to. Just make sure you’re ready to spend money on Facebook to help your affiliate site grow bigger.