In the world of casino affiliate marketing there is one, and only one, standard of success – conversions. Converting a reader into a player is incredibly difficult (but rewarding!) and is what this business is built on.

So how do you convert reaers into players? That’s the million dollar question and it’s one that addressed, albeit unconventionally, in a recent article on SEO Journal titled, Seven Uncommon Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics, by Alexander Kessler.

Kessler’s thesis is that beyond the basics, there are effective conversion techniques that most affiliates haven’t ever heard of. Here are a few of his techniques that are germane to casinos affiliates.

Get Personal, Really Personal

Whether customers “like” personalized content or not is matter for debate. That said, it’s a fact that people tend to perk up when they notice their name appear in marketing material.

Personalizing is relatively easy to do from scratch, but it’s much easier if you’ve already accumulated some customer data and can really target their core interests.

Don’t Be Afraid of (Micro) Commitments
Kessler points out that conversion is a multi-stepped process and not every step has to be a big one. His view is that getting a customer to a big “yes” is a lot easier after you’ve already got them to commit to a series of smaller agreements.

For example, Kessler says that getting a customer to share your content online in exchange for a free download or bonus code is exactly the kind of small step that goes a very long way towards establishing a committed relationship.

When it comes to conversions the bottom line is this, every effort you can make that brings a customer closer to making a positive decision, even if it’s very small, is incredibly important. And, importantly, the final conversion is the sum of a series of much smaller decisions made over a long period of time.

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