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Make Persuasion the Core of Your Content Management Plan










Is persuasion a key element of your overall content management strategy?

On some level, that’s probably what all your content is geared towards, but how well are you really doing when it comes to actually persuading blog readers to become players?

If you’re like most content producers, you could probably use a refresher course on the fine art of persuasion. Here are a few tips for crafting more persuasive content.

Value, Value, Value

What is your value proposition?

If you can’t answer that simple question, you need to go right back to the drawing board and sketch out exactly what it is that you’re offering that your competitors aren’t. In short, why the heck should anyone click through on your site in the first place?

Here’s the kicker. According to content guru Neil Patel, you’ll only have about 20 seconds to pitch your value proposition before your reader moves on.

Empasize Benefits

According to the website, “Benefits need not be unique, but they must be compelling.” What that means is that while everyone is offering deposit bonuses, your pitch needs to be persuasive and tell the reader exactly why your offer is better.

Maybe you have better customer service? Maybe your a much better advocate? Maybe you always post winning picks? Whatever it is that you do better than the competition, it needs to be stated clearly so your readers know who you are.


If persuasion is the core of your content management plan, and you’re really offering something of value to your readers, the rest of your business life will become a whole lot easier.