Content is the heart and soul of any digital marketing operation and anyone who has been in the business for any length of time should have a sizeable archive of older content.

Fortunately, all that old content doesn’t have to gather dust like the contents of a hoarder house. There are a number of easy, and cost-effective, ways for web publishers to repurpose old content in dynamic new content. Here are a few suggestions for making the most out of your content archive.

Spice Up Your Social Media

If you’ve been doing content right, your archive should be jammed packed with nuggets of information that your customers/readers are very interested in reading. This vein of information can be easily mined and turned into a host of social media posts and memes.

You probably won’t go viral Gangnam Style, but your players will always appreciate tips for improving their play or hunting better bonuses. Even better, you can cue up as many of these posts as you want and set your social media machine on autopilot.

Launch a Podcast

Podcasting involves a slight learning curve but if you’ve made it this far, it’s a curve you can handle.

Creating a good podcast will definitely involve more than simply reading your articles out loud, but the framework for a series like, Make the Most out of Casino Bonuses or Roll Management for Sport Bettors, is likely right there at your fingertips.

Update Older Articles

Not every article in your archive is going to feel current and that’s where updates come into the picture.

Combing through older articles that can be refreshed and re-posted with new titles and updated information is an exercise that’s well worth your time. (But simply re-posting old articles with new titles and no other changes is an absolutely terrible idea.)


The bottom line here is that repurposed content is a relatively easy way for content producers to double down on the returns from their content budgets.


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