Canadian lawmakers have said, “no,” to a bill that would have allowed regulated single game sports betting for citizens of America’s northern neighbor.

The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, was shot down in a 153-133 House of Commons vote that supporters of the bill say is a victory for organized crime.

While the bill had the support of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canada’s more liberal party, not everyone was on board with the bill. Earlier this year, enigmatic Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau, a member of the Liberal Party, came out against the measure.

That, according to NDP MP Brian Maase, as reported on by Legal Sports Report, is a position that will cost the Canadian economy dearly:

By defeating this legislation the Liberal Government just endorsed an unacceptable reality in the gaming sector in Canada. They are well aware of the massive revenue stream sports wagering is providing organized crime to fund human trafficking, the illegal drug and weapons trade, money laundering and tax evasion.

Maase went on to point out that the government’s failure to regulate sports betting would prevent upwards of $10 billion in black market revenue from making its way to the legitimate, taxable, market. He also said that most MPs who voted against the deal could not give any good reasons for blocking the bill.

Still, Masse told the CBC that a couple of groups, besides the Liberal Party, were quite happy with the bill, “Tonight organized crime is celebrating and popping a cork. And the Americans are laughing straight at us.”

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