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How should a link look like?

cosmoglobe asked 1 year ago
I was wondering how a link nowadays should look like (when doing link exchange), in order to get the best SEO results. And how important is consistency:

So whats the pros and cons of the variouse links like:

and so on. Have you guys any insight into that ?


P.S. :And then I look for link partners (homepage links PR4)

3 Answers
JOE_DEEDS answered 1 year ago
As far as the trailing slash, I answer that at the end of this post:

It is not necessary for domain access, but files within a domain should be addressed with the trailing slash. In my opinion, I think it is good form to use it for domain names as well.

Reguarding the use of www to link to your domain: is a valid hostname is a valid hostname

Testing for HTTP access
Port 80 access successful

Testing for redirect to does not redirect to

Testing for HTTP access
Port 80 access successful

Testing for redirect to does not redirect to

No redirection detected… testing to see if matches HTML matches

According to the way you have your web server configured, or how your ISP has it configured, neither redirects to another. Meaning that and displays the same exact index page. This means that either way is appropriate for displaying links to your site.

http:// should be included in all links, this is the correct way to formulate a hyperlink.

As far as SEO goes, I feel that the use of web standards and proper structure is very important. This is an opinion however, because nobody knows for sure. So lets see what others on here have to say…

Engineer answered 1 year ago
Yes, you should always use the http:// in front of a link.

My personal preference is to always use arkGreen”>www as well, and I like to end my links with a / (trailing slash).

Example: http://arkGreen”>

GamblingWages answered 1 year ago – Don’t use it in the link code (you can use it in your anchor text, but you will be wasting valuable space where you can put keywords) – Don’t use it – you can use it but dito what Joe Deeds said. – You can use it but I don’t recomend it (I recomend it should be a permanent 301 redirect to your www. version anyway) – Perfect.

The http:// is necesary. The www. is best for consistency since most directories (and people linking to you independently) will use this version. You want all your links pointing to one version of your URL not two (unless different pages).

Remember that this is the URL you should put in the code of your link. This is not the same as the anchor text of a link. Be sure to select a good anchor text as that is one of the most heavely weight factors for google.

Top 3 European Poker Rooms

The text “Top 3 European Poker Rooms” is your anchor text. Make sure to pick good keywords for this text.

The title atribute in the link tag helps for accesability but is not necesary (I try to use it). When you put your mouse over a link the text in the title atribute of the link will appear.

Best Regards,