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Duplicate content help, please!

denpubl asked 3 years ago
I have just recieved an opportunity to purchase excellent “gambling related” content articles. Sales of this content will be limited to less than 200 sites. Fresh articles would be added every 4-5 days.

Is this an amount of sites with the identical content Google would consider “duplicate content” and impose a penalty?

Do you feel it would be wiser to create a “page” for each article of say 800-1000 words and opt. each (about 100/year) …or….use one page with content changed every few days and past articles archived?

If archived, does duplicate content apply if there are 200 sites with the same archives?

Since “Content is King” I’m leaning towards individual pages for SEO purposes.

Would appreciate your advice.

Thanks:blush: :wavey:

12 Answers
elgoog answered 3 years ago
i wouldnt like to have the same content as just one other…..

denpubl answered 3 years ago
C’mon guys someone must have some opinions/advice on this subject. Somebody must know how Google decides on “duplicate”……..Please.:kisser:

elgoog answered 3 years ago
just dont

villa10 answered 3 years ago
Duplicate content is duplicate content.
No matter if it is a premium article or a template.

IMO you can write for SEO a brief introduction per each article.
Something like 80-100 words with a link to the article.
But place the robots “no follow-no index” in all the pages with the full article.

PokerBoy answered 3 years ago – somewhere there is a great article on Google and dublicated content…

denpubl answered 3 years ago
Appreciate it. The SEO does have some good info, although I still haven’t found any definitive answers.

What about those of us who have built a page using the RSS fed “Tips from the Pros” from Full Tilt Poker, with fresh content every 2 weeks, then all are archived. Is this duplicate content, since there are many people using the same articles? If it is, how many sites using it is “too many” to qualify as duplicate?? Any ideas? Are then penalties imposed for each site?

How about the “Tournament Monitor” many of us use?

If an article is posted for 4-5 days then archived, and the site is indexed daily, will it be considered “duplicate”? Then penalized?

Where’s Matt Cutt when you need him?:Nod:

elgoog answered 3 years ago
point is
only a certain percentage of ure page is allowed to be duplicate,
otherwise we wouldnt be able to use templates for instance,
but a whole tekstpage duplicate????????
dont do that

Greek39 answered 3 years ago
I do not know if you really care about Google but duplcate content is not allowed. Google works closely with copyscape and will guickly penalize your site. To what severity I don’t know. Hire or sit down yourself and write your own content. Its better if you do it. greek39

Dominique answered 3 years ago
I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

I do buy one column that is also run by others, but I rephrase it before using it.

denpubl answered 3 years ago
OK, I’m convinced. I’ll continue to write my own.

Greek39 A special thanks to you for the referance to “copyscape” !:clapper:

I checked it and found some scumbag in Latvia has copied 2 of my casino reviews word for word! On not one but TWO of his sites! Plus, 3 more sites that copied portions of my content! Sent e-mails to the owners….not polite e-mails I might add. This is going to be a daily task using copscape. Anyone use their $4.95/month alerts? Sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe, this is why I can’t get out of the sandbox or listed!

Anyone know of a way to check to see IF I’ve been penalized?

My site is listed in DMOZ, indexed daily, lot’s of high PR links, (not in backlinks check tho.)ongoing new content/pages. Still been many months of no rankings. Any more suggestions on what to check? Any suggestions?

Again, a big thank you for all your help!:clapper: