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Directory submissions do they work?

Rak asked 1 year ago
Has anyone used directory submission as part of their linking or SEO campaign?

I see that some services offer to submit your website to 500-1000 directories for a reasonable fee.

9 Answers
Seomaster answered 1 year ago
Yes it’s still effective if properly done. I am still doing this for my clients and receiving good result.

Rak answered 1 year ago
When you say “properly done” do u mean, using email address connected to the domain, correct directory insertions etc?

bingodude answered 1 year ago
If you go out tomorrow and blast your site with 5000s obv they all do not go live at the same time and will not all get accepted but it is not natural link building no site gets that many directory listing even per month and Google has an algorithm to spot too many of the same kind of links coming in at once, especially with the same anchor text. If you only got a few here and there with varied anchor text then you would benefit from them.

rialto.carlo answered 1 year ago
I reference Matt Cutts himself on this one:


Submitting to low quality directories where inclusion is guaranteed is akin to purchasing links and thus has little to zero longevity.

Rak answered 1 year ago
Hey Carlo, thanks for that. Appreciate the referencing as well.. loved it!

Dag_Arbisa answered 1 year ago
Yes Directory Submission is really effective and effective to build links as in SEO part. I have been doing going through this method and it’s really working.

casinobonuseslisting answered 1 year ago
directory submission is effective and google always hate paid directories.

Kononen answered 1 year ago
Is here someone who wants to offer me that kind of services that i need for my few finnish casino sites?

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Guys, the recent Google Panda update has penalized a lot of directory sites severely. You may actually get hurt now instead of seeing a benefit.

If you’re going to submit to directories anymore, make sure they still rank well, and make sure their articles are ALL of high quality or you may live to regret it.